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Animating to Music in Toon Boom Harmony

Today you can get our Animating to Music course for just $10! Our Udemy course sale ends THIS WEEKEND! Earlier this week, we announced that Tonyteach had released it's first Toon Boom Harmony course on Udemy, Animating to Music in Toon Boom Harmony! Up until now, this course has ONLY been available via our Tonyteach store, and priced at $99 - but, for a limited time, Get this course now for just $10!

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY!, ALL of our courses are just $10! (See links below) In addition to this, we've just updated our most popular course, 3 Simple Steps to Recording Great Sounding Voice Over Audio!
Did you know that students, and viewers rate audio quality as their top concern even higher than video quality?
We've just added in a lecture on how to easily remove plosives, or mic rumbles from your recording! Best of all, we show you how to do this in Adobe Audition, as well as the FREE program Audacity!
ANIMATION Animating to Music with Toon Boom Harmony…